About Us

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HYMUSIC was founded by the dedicated pianist Ms. Huan Yi Ming in 2016. HYMUSIC currently has two branches in Vancouver and Richmond, with students coming all over from the Great Vancouver area, including Vancouver, Richmond, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam. The teachers in HYMUSIC all have professional music education background. With rich teaching experience, patience, kindness and sense of responsibility, all the teachers have gained good reputations among students and parents.

Ms. Huan and the teachers have their distinguished teaching style which perfectly combines Chinese solid piano technique and North American musical understanding. Benefit from this, all the students have made big progress in a short time. HYMUSIC’s students have gained many awards in all kinds of music competitions and festivals, including Canadian national CMC, Vancouver Kiwanis Festival and New York Little Mozart Music Competition, not to mention all the high scores in RCM exams.

HYMUSIC host more than 2 official concerts in a year. Besides there are also many recitals during the whole year, offering the students many opportunities for stage performing. When the parents give their sincere thanks to Ms. Huan and her teachers team, Ms. Huan says that compare with all the rewards, the more valuable moment is to see the students enjoying the music and piano playing from the bottom of their hearts.

All the courses in HYMUSIC are set up for the goal of improving students’ artistic accomplishment. We are not just teaching “playing piano”, instead we are aiming to give the students the ability of “learning and enjoying music”. Teachers help students with not only piano playing skills, but also singing, ear test, sight reading and music theory, by a combination of teaching methods which includes playing games, story-telling and fingers practice, etc. Students enjoy the class time very much and most of them make great progresses before they themselves are aware of. As Ms. Huan always says that the purpose of learning music is not only to shape a dedicated musician, the more important is to keep curiosity and build up the insight ability. Students will then enjoy both piano playing and the inner peace. In HYMUSIC we would like to share and practice our motto-Music leading to an enjoyable life.

By playing piano, students learn how to understand and enjoy music. On top of that, they also gain good habits of patience, calmness and never giving up. HYMUSIC is working hard to let more and more students benefit from these. We also welcome parents to learn together with your children, to share the magic of music with each other.